the beacon

Sci-Fi / Horror

Yang hates people. But now he’s the only one who can save humanity.

Yang is over it. His year-long research contract on a new planet, in the freezing cold, is finished. All he has to do is light his beacon to signal a mass migration and then he’s off to find his personal, sun-soaked, beach in solitude.

But when four other explorers, scattered across the planet, go missing, Yang has to travel to their stations and light their beacons. What he discovers are alien horrors that don’t want the human race to join them, and a part of himself he tried to leave on Earth has followed him.




Harper wanted to escape her life, now she has to fight to get it back.

Seventeen-year-old Harper Chen escapes her trailer park life only to end up in a car accident that claims both her legs. When an experimental cybernetic limb program offers her a chance at mobility, she joins only to discover that she must compete against forty other candidates to win the prototype.

With no money, no family, and no friends, she will be forced onto the streets unless she fights for her chance to walk again. The challenge pits her against ruthless competitors, a program that puts money over people, and her own ideas of being whole.


snafu resurrection

Military / Horror

Featuring Dan’s short story ‘Stains.’

15 years ago, the land corrupted and turned a patch of North America black. Creatures that defy science and rational thought inhabit these lands. Mattock is a mercenary who hunts the woods for profit. When tourists pay him for a guided adventure, they get a first-hand experience of why they call it The Scar.